Be prepared for stress when talking about the income of the nomadic worker

Working alone on the Internet, whether travelling or not, very often means being independent (= being an entrepreneur). And the main difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is the way we collect our income.

The employee always receives the same amount, always on the same date. No matter what his job is, as long as he is present in the workplace and gives his boss the illusion that he is doing what he is asked to do, the salary falls at the end of the month. This does not mean that there is no stress in a salaried job, but in any case the stress does not come from knowing if we will be able to fill the fridge, or if we will still have to eat pasta with butter next month.

On the other hand, the entrepreneur never knows in advance how much he will earn. If he has contracts, the income falls. Sometimes even a good income. If he doesn’t have a contract anymore, he doesn’t have a penny coming in. And I can guarantee you one thing, after six years of digital nomadism as I write these lines, it’s that these moments happen regularly, and it’s really not funny.

Stress is inherent in the life of an entrepreneur. And even more a nomadic entrepreneur because we add the random factor of the work environment: tranquility, finding a quality internet connection, security,…

If you are not impervious to stress, or at least able to handle a good dose of grey hair when problems arise, then the digital nomad lifestyle may not be right for you.

I just have a downside to what I just wrote: it is possible to be a digital nomad while being an employee. In my opinion, this is ideal because income security is linked to geographical freedom (relative, you still have to stay within range of your employer’s rifle, but that’s already the case).

From a Roadcall French article