Best cities for nomad workers

Belfast, Lisbon, Barcelona, this is the winning trifecta of the cities considered the most welcoming for nomadic workers. A dynamic technological ecosystem, a pleasant living environment and an affordable standard of living, these European destinations have it all. Do you dream of a more distant escape for your mobile office? Australian cities are also doing well!

The digital nomad is envious: one can imagine him finding inspiration installed as a tailor under the palm trees of a Copa Cabana beach or at the top of Kilimanjaro. However, even if he loves large spaces and dream landscapes, this worker, well into his time, needs, above all, a good connection to the network to work. Not surprisingly, it is often in the city that he will find the conditions that will promote his professional development and the satisfaction of his clients.

On the first step of the podium, Belfast. What makes the Northern Irish capital different? A reasonable real estate price, quality co-working spaces and one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. The local ecosystem is particularly favourable to digital profiles, as many Tech companies have established themselves in the city in recent years. And Belfast succeeds in being at the top of the ranking while it finishes last in terms of sunshine!

Even if the internet connection is of lower quality and the number of coffee shops with free wifi is lower, it is also good to work in Lisbon and Barcelona. The Portuguese capital that hosts the Web Summit at the end of each year could not possibly be absent from this top 10!

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