In the United States, 92% of freelancers work during holidays

Independence means more flexibility for work but also during holidays. For 92% of people who have chosen this status, it is impossible to disconnect completely during holidays. So they are working at that time -60% of them are doing so because they feel obliged to, according to a survey of 800 Americans involved in HoneyBook, the platform dedicated to freelancers and entrepreneurship.

According to the interviewees, the fear of missing an opportunity and being replaced by a competitor is at the root of this phenomenon - in self-employment more than anywhere else, time is money. They would also be 43% to hide from their customers the fact that they are on holiday and 41% to hide from their relatives that they work during the holidays, so as not to disturb the atmosphere.

The explosion of the "gig economy"

Encouraged by the new economy with its emphasis on self-employment (“gig economy”) and the proliferation of Uber-type companies, the share of self-employment in the United States continues to grow: nearly 57 million people are subject to this regime, or just over a third of the total number of people working in the country - 3.7 million more than in 2014.

Flexible but also more precarious jobs, which make it possible to earn on average 70,536 dollars per year for a freelancer with ten years’ experience.