Iridium Go transforms your smartphone into a satellite phone

The Iridium Go is the solution that allows you to transform any type of smartphone or tablet into a satellite phone.

A complete telecommunications tool, the use of the Iridium Go is nevertheless very simple: once it is switched on, it activates a wifi hotspot allowing your iOS or Android mobile to connect to it and benefit from telephony and Internet access wherever you are.

Several iOs and Android applications published by Iridium allow you to fully use your satellite connection:

  • Iridium Go App allows you to: make calls, send SMS, tracking data, SOS alerts or even tweet

  • Iridium mail and web App mobile applications give you access to the Internet (10 Kbps broadband), access to your mail with sending and receiving emails, photo transfer and weather forecasts.

All these services are included in your iridium communication package.