Remote working in Icarai de Amontada (Icaraizinho)

Hi, if you ever remote worked in Icarai de Amontada, Brazil, I would like to know if there you had a 3G ou 4G phone network at all, decent or not and what phone provider you recommend for data usage?

Also about the Wifi connections you used in pousadas, what is your experience about connections speeds and reliability?

Thank you !

Hello, well, here we are, after spending a few weeks in Icaraizinho, I can give you some practical indications that only reflect my personal experience and the places from which I had access to the Internet.

First of all, despite the geographical isolation of the small town, you will have Internet access via Wifi almost everywhere. There is no pousada, bar, kite club that does not have its Wifi access that they will give you by giving you its password if you are a customer. Just ask, only a few establishments will prefer to type their passwords on your smartphone rather than give it to you… No problem, we can understand that.

That said, the speed you will actually have depends on several things, the Internet service provider, there are several, the plan purchased for this access, the time at which you connect and especially simultaneous access to the same Wifi box.

We stayed in two establishments, the Pais Tropical pousada run by Alan and the Studio Guarani run by Jeremy. When all goes well, we will typically have download speeds of 5 Mbps. To give you an idea, a very high speed fibre access in a large French city will be rather (in practice) 100 Mbps. Of course this makes a big difference. But this must be put into perspective, as we say.
If most of the time you use your connection for emails and surfing web pages without video playback, 5 Mbps will be enough for you.
You see the kind of limitation you will have, don’t expect to watch too much live video without slowdowns and/or interruptions, don’t expect to have a reliable video conference without sound interruption…

Well that’s my experience with a shared Wifi connection for tourists, and for them it’s enough.

Now for teleworking and the reliability that goes with it, there are solutions. Jeremy from Studio Guarani told me that it would be possible if you lived here and took out a subscription, to get a non-shared connection and a much better throughput. I haven’t tested this solution so I wouldn’t go any further.

We have also discussed for the (very near) future the access by these galaxies of satellites in low orbit that are being deployed… It’s for two or three years from now…

In conclusion, for teleworking and if you do not need video streams, even the public access you will find here will be sufficient (I have been teleworking since the beginning of September without too many problems).

Be careful though, expect that without warning, your internet connection will be disconnected for a few tens of minutes and at worst, even if it is an anecdote, it happened to us, the city’s power supply will be cut for 12 hours because of a coconut tree falling on a power line!