Remote working requires discipline

Work without having to go to the office every morning and remain efficient as well. A fantasy? No, a career choice to negotiate with your employer, and a new life to organize well.

This form of work has great advantages, in particular a better balance between professional and personal life for the employee, and savings for the employer. Here is a quick tour of the questions you can ask yourself if you are tempted by the adventure… or if your employer commits you to it!

For what type of job?

This is not a problem for intangible jobs, but is more difficult to organize when you have to manage a team. In general, intellectual services are well suited for teleworking. The distance is managed thanks to a high-speed connection, secure access to the company’s network, and of course by telephone, e-mail, videoconferencing, instant messaging, to keep in touch with colleagues and management.

This work organization requires an adapted management, based on objectives to be achieved (it is up to you to organize yourself to meet deadlines) and the manager’s confidence. If the home-based candidate is leading a team, he or she will need to maintain face-to-face interaction with the team to maintain cohesion. Even if an engineer, working in a large IT group, reports a harmonious work experience with a project manager that no one has ever seen other than through an interposed camera!

Do I need to have special qualities?

Rigour, all mobile managers unanimously answer. But that is not enough. Some people are unable to work independently from home. “It’s not given to everyone. We have found that the more work experience an individual has, the easier it is for them.” Because you have to be very independent, be able to take control of your life, set goals and motivate yourself.

There is no question of relying on the excitement of those around him. It is therefore necessary to be disciplined and organized, two qualities that can fortunately be acquired. And above all, you have to know how to communicate with your company if you don’t want to fail.