What exactly is a coworking space?

You’ve certainly heard of coworking? This new concept is undergoing endemic development… But what exactly is it about? Here is our definition of coworking.

As its name suggests, co-working means above all “working together”, in a new vision of work that combines autonomy and collaboration.

Coworking is a new way of working with simple rules and practiced in dedicated spaces. Coworking areas can take a wide variety of forms, from furnished coffee shops to rented offices.

In a collaborative space, consultants, startupers, self-employed or nomads, will meet to develop their projects independently, but also often create new partnerships with other coworkers. Potentially, we are all someone’s customers and when skills match, it can make sparks happen…

It appeared in the 1990s in Berlin and then in the United States. Since then it has spread like wildfire, and soon invaded Europe. In 2008, there were just under 200 coworking spaces in the world. Eight years later, that’s the number of spaces for France alone. Coworking is clearly on the rise.

With the advent of generations Y and Z, work is evolving. It is no longer something we suffer, today everyone is active and responsible for their careers. Involvement and creativity are emphasized. We no longer want to be a simple employee, but a collaborator, we no longer spend our days in offices, but in “workspaces”. We are looking for mobility and comfort in a friendly environment. We want to feel a little like home, and at the same time be surrounded by stimulating personalities. Little by little, places have opened their doors, trying to best meet the expectations of today’s workers… and tomorrow’s! In a broad sense, they are called “third places”, and among them are coworking areas in a good position.

Open of course to self-employed workers, coworking spaces are also popular with companies for nomadic executives or those domiciled in the regions for reasons of work environment quality and cost.

Coworking areas provide access to professional equipment and quality infrastructure: office, wifi, printer, video projector, meeting rooms, etc. All this for a modest cost since it is shared between coworkers. This system also saves you valuable time by freeing you from certain administrative tasks. But working in coworking is also and above all joining a community and respecting the values of coworking. Your office becomes a place for meetings and exchanges, based on the idea that “the more I give, the more I receive”. Collaborative work tools make your daily life easier and the human side generates a very positive emulation… and not so much if affinity! The benefits of coworking are many and should appeal to workers looking for a new adventure.