What kind of remote worker are you?

As the remote community grows and gains experience, more and more useful resources are popping up all over the Web: blogs, books, podcasts, courses, conferences, etc. While that’s great, it can be overwhelming. If you’re ready and willing to take the remote leap, the best way to get started is by determining your current setup and then proceed step-by-step until you’re fully remote. So let’s start at the beginning. Where in the process are you ?

An must read article from Tijana Momirov is a software engineer, product manager and founder of StartupSetup ( http://remotestartupsetup.com ) where she helps founders start their startups, all in a remote, agile and super lean way leveraging the gig economy. She’s been a full time nomad since 2010 and loves blogging and giving talks about nomadic lifestyle, managing remote teams, future of work, the gig economy, productized services and more.