Which jobs pay well and can be done from home?

No more wasting time on journeys, managing your day as you wish, enjoying a calm atmosphere… for all these advantages, teleworking is increasingly appealing. But it is also necessary to exercise a profession that allows it. Glassdoor has listed the businesses concerned, which also generate revenues of at least 3500 euros.

Almost three out of ten employees work from home, according to a study by Malakoff-Médéric Humanis published at the beginning of the year. This practice has increased in recent months, thanks in particular to a relaxation of the legislation. But also because we find our advantage there: working from home allows greater flexibility in the organization of your day, and avoids wasting time on trips.

But not everyone can claim to telework, as some activities require the use of specific equipment or contact with a team or clientele… For those seeking guidance, Glassdoor has gone through the ads published on its site to select the professions that are most practiced in telework. They are more and more numerous with the development of new technologies. But Glassdor added another criterion: that of remuneration. Only occupations with a comfortable average wage were retained.

Here is the list of jobs where the average salary exceeds 3500 euros:

Artistic Director: this is the person in charge of creating the visual identity of a project. It can be a brand, an advertising campaign, a multimedia project or a film or audiovisual production. This expertise is in demand and costs an average of 4300 euros per month.

Actuary: this profession, with a name that is not very evocative, is of the utmost importance. These are the risk management experts. It uses probabilities and statistics to identify, model and manage the financial consequences of activities. Actuaries can of course work in insurance companies but also in consulting or finance. And they usually earn 4200 euros a month.

HR consultant: these experts are called upon to advise and support companies in terms of labour relations but also to set up management tools, recruitments and training. For all these missions, the average salary of the consultant is 4100 euros per month

Digital Marketing Manager: he or she is the conductor of a company’s or brand’s digital strategy. He must therefore be able to juggle all digital channels, such as natural and paid referencing, affiliation… The average salary offered to these professionals is 3900 euros per month.

Designer: in this profession, it is necessary to know how to combine aesthetics with functionality while taking into account the costs generated by what you create. There are many applications, because they can be product design, space or graphic design. The advertisements highlight an average salary of 3900 euros.

Social Media Manager: is the specialist in managing a company’s brand image on digital media and the strategies to implement to develop its e-reputation. A relatively rare expertise that allows us to obtain an average of 3500 euros per month.

1-The list was drawn up on the basis of advertisements that received salary information corresponding to an average base salary of more than €38,000 gross / year (or €3,200 gross / month) on Glassdoor before 3 July 2019. Only trades that received at least 20 salary information were retained